Friday, June 01, 2007

This week's Bay Area Reporter is on newstands!

This week in the
Bay Area Reporter I was on the crime beat with one gay bashing and one gay man attacked: “Gay teacher stabbed in the Mission” and “Gay man beaten in SOMA”; I wrote about Equality for All’s response to the anti-marriage equality and domestic partnership initiative: “Equality for All responds to anti-gay marriage initiative”; I explored gender-based sexual harassment: “Study spotlights sexual harassment of women who defy gender stereotypes”; and I profiled a community center’s executive director’s promotion: “Lighthouse center promotes executive director.”

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Query said...

Is it really true that writers have no say about the headlines your stories are given? I'm really disappointed that, for a story about the importance of wording of the title given to a voter initiative, the headline was "Equality for All responds to anti-gay marriage initiative."

"Gay marriage" is a term framed by our opponents. I am not gay, but I am gravely concerned about marriage equality. Please help me to get the word to the LGBT community -- and to the BAR headline writers -- that we MUST use the inclusive and more descriptive term of "marriage equality."

We're not asking for any "special rights" for gay men. We are simply asking for equality.

Bi Girl Friday said...

Thank you for your comment about "anti-gay marriage" in the headline for the article I wrote about Equality for All's response to the proposed initiative.

We use a variety of terms at the paper and because the initiative is from the other side I chose to go with "anti-gay." I hope you noticed that throughout the rest of the article I used the term "marriage equality."