Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Love is stronger than borders

If you ever doubted the strength of love then you haven’t seen Through Thick and Thin. This extraordinary documentary about nine gay and lesbian bi-national couples struggles to stay together in the face of United States immigration laws premiered this evening (June 20) at Frameline’s International LGBT Film Festival.

This exquisitely directed and filmed documentary is touching and heartfelt. It brings to life how unjustly the scales are tipped against LGBT individuals within and without the borders of the United States. And raises the question, “How free are we really?”

This documentary directed by Argentinean director Sebastian Cordoba, 37, who currently lives in United States courtesy of an artist visa, shouldn’t be missed.

For a sneak peak, visit

Another screening of Through Thick and Thin at Frameline’s International LGBT Film Festival is tomorrow, Thursday, June 21 at 4:30pm at the Castro Theater. Tickets are $7 for members and $8 for general admission.

To learn more about Through Thick and Thin, visit
To learn more about immigration issues that affect LGBT individuals, visit
To learn more about LGBT American expatriates, visit Love Exiles Foundation at

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