Monday, April 14, 2008

This month I covered a variety of issues from taxes to trans empowerment to women kicking but in business.

I hope you enjoy the following articles!
10 Tax Tips: What your family needs to know about the new credits
As parents, we have the magical ability to make a game out of any miserable chore. In the game "Taxes," the goal is to hunt for credits and deductions that will let you keep the money that belongs to your family. Here are your first ten moves…

ON Magazine
Transpowerment Gets Boost At” on pages 14 – 15.
Fighting for transgender equality was the main topic of more than 400
people who attended the Third Annual Transgender Summit this March
hosted by the University California, Berkeley.

Transgender leaders from across the United States and activists from
all over California gathered for three days to learn from each other and
network for the first time since the acute division of the GLBT community
over the Employment Non-Discrimination Act…
Golden State Tarnished by Lack of Women’s Leadership
California has a reputation for its progressive politics as well as being a well of innovative inventions and opportunities, but the golden state doesn’t have a sunny disposition when it comes to women’s leadership…

MECCA: San Francisco Hotspot for Women’s Networking
San Francisco’s professional women know where to go for great food, wine and cocktails, entertainment, and socializing:
Mecca, a hip restaurant and bar located on the edge of the Castro district at 2029 Market Street…

Bay Area Business Woman’s Newspaper
The San Francisco Bay Area is unique in many ways, but especially when it comes to the faces that deliver the local news daily. When the denizens of the Bay Area tune into the news they are likely to see the familiar faces of one of three veteran women anchors who rule the bay Area’s airwaves at ABC, CBS, and NBC—the top three news stations…