Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lesbian's Experience with Feminist Survey
Lesbians and feminism researcher Megan Hains needs your assistance to find out the answers about lesbian's experiences in the women's movement from the Lavender Menace to lesbian separatism to On Our Backs to the L Word -- the ups, the downs, and the where are we now?

My name is Megan Haines and I am doing research about lesbian's experiences with the feminist movement. There is very little research specifically focusing on lesbians' experiences in general, and almost none on their special relationship to the women's movement.

In order to explore this subject, I have created an online survey that explores these relationships. To take the survey, click on the link:
If anyone of this community would be willing to either take the survey or pass the survey on to their friends or other communities I would be grateful.
If you have any questions please email me at or my advisor, Dr. Mindy Erchull at

Thanks for your time!

Megan Haines, University of Mary Washington

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