Saturday, January 27, 2007

Call for Submissions:

Sinister Wisdom: A Multicultural Journal by and for Lesbians

Sinister Wisdom #72
“Two Spirit Women of First Nations”

Deadline: March 1, 2007 Guest Editors: Chrystos (Menominee) and Sunny
Birdstone (Ktunaxa)

Submissions, inquiries, etc. should be sent to or to Chrystos & S. Birdstone at 3250 S 77th, #8, Tacoma, WA 98409 USA.

Colonialization has marginalized Indigenous women (as well as men), making Native Dykes almost completely invisible. We celebrate the survival of Two Spirit women of First Nations in this issue.

Submissions may be in any format - taped interviews, dialogues, as well as fiction, poetry, etc. Please respect certain definitions, which have often been violated - i.e. we ask for work from lesbians who are Native in this lifetime only, recognized by their tribes or communities (although a BIA number is not required) and willing to use their name rather than a pseudonym (this is to help prevent submissions of non-authentic work).

We define indigenous Dykes as coming from the Americas, as well as the Pacific (Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia), with a land base (i.e. reservation, ranchero, etc.) and a tribal affiliation (Maori, Koori, Cree, etc.). Government recognition of tribal status is not necessary (i.e. we recognize the Duwamish). We are particularly interested in stories from dykes who were in residential schools, Elders, incarcerated, & in honor of those who have passed on (Barbara Cameron NationShield, Smiley Hillaire). Edited by Chrystos (Menominee) and Sunny Birdstone (Ktunaxa). Megwetch.

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