Friday, January 11, 2008

SF HRC seeks
LGBT community activists

The LGBT Advisory Committee of the Human Rights Commission announced earlier this week that it is accepting applications to serve on the active committee.

The deadline for applications is Thursday, January 24, 2008, 5:00 p.m.

LGBT Individuals who are San Francisco residents and community activists are encouraged to apply for the LGBTAC.

One of four standing HRC committees, the LGBTAC identifies and addresses the issues and concerns of San Francisco’s LGBT and HIV-affected communities and advises the Commission on the communities’ issues and needs. LGBTAC meets on the third Tuesday of every month.
The LGBTAC is seeking an estimated 10 new members, said Commissioner Cecilia Chung, who is LGBTAC co-chair along with Mark Dunlop.

“There is a lot of room for growth and for the community to provide leadership and vision on issues that affect the larger community, as well as communities that are less visible,” said Chung. Chug, who was appointed to the commission by Mayor Gavin Newsom in 2004 and was elected vice chair by the commission September 2006, pointed out that historically ordinances such as: the equal benefits, the domestic partnership, and the transgender protection all began as discussions on the LGBTAC.

Community activists knowledgeable and skilled in such areas as racism, AIDS/HIV, anti-violence, civil rights, class, disability, diversity, education, gender, intersex, health, women’s, senior and youth issues are encouraged to apply. Chung emphasized that the committee is looking for individuals from the transgender and bisexual communities, people of color, youth, seniors, women, and immigrant. She added that LGBT allies who don’t identify as queer are also encouraged to apply. Individuals interested in applying should submit an application along with a letter of intent detailing reasons why they want to serve on the LGBTAC, community involvement, areas of expertise, and other qualities they could bring to the LGBTAC.

Applicants must be able to make a firm commitment to attend LGBTAC meetings at 5:30 p.m. and to spend time on special projects.

LGBTAC has worked on a variety of issues in the LGBT community including: racism, immigration and asylum, issues in the Native American community, transgender and intersex issues within the LGBT community, and outreach activities.

LGBTAC will continue its work examining and strengthening LGBT human rights policies in San Francisco, in particular for communities of color and racism in the coming year.

“We are looking forward to the coming year,” said Chung, in a January 7 news release, “in which the LGBT Advisory Committee will provide a monthly forum for gathering information and discussing the challenges facing LGBT people of color.”

Applications and letters of interest should be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to Larry Brinkin, SF Human Rights Commission, 25 Van Ness Ave., Suite 800, San Francisco, CA 94102-6033; fax (415) 431-5764, or e-mail:

For more information, visit LAGBTAC or e-mail Larry Brinkin at

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