Tuesday, January 01, 2008

MySpace queen Tila Tequila is single for the New Year

Well it wasn’t because she is bisexual that Bobby, the guy Tequila selected on her hit MTV show
A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, dumped her right before New Years, according to a Jan 1 MySpace bulletin post. It was because of her “crazy lifestyle.” It’s not like people couldn’t see that one coming a mile away due to some of Bobby’s behavior on the show and during the after show, A Shot At Love: The Hangover, where Tequila and Bobby were reunited. It was clear that Bobby had jealousy issues during the show and during the after show he seemed to be rather uncomfortable and awkward when he put his arm around Tequila.

A Shot at Love was the first of its kind bisexual dating show broadcast worldwide this past fall. Tequila, the first bisexual object of desire for 16 lesbian and 16 straight contestants twiddled down her selection eliminating one key to her heart each week (except in the beginning) to one straight guy and one soft butch just before Christmas.

Gracious, Tequila wrote in her post, “I still think Bobby is a great guy and I wish him the best.”

Dani Campbell, the “futch” of Tequila’s heart, is living a bit of the Tequila lifestyle on her own. The “futch” firer fighter from Florida is quickly gaining her own following since the final “Shot at Love” episode December 18. Dani is being splashed across lesbian magazine covers and club fliers for parties she’s hosting across the United States, not to mention picking up her own MySpace following. She’s even selling her own “futch” merchandizing. As Tequila wrote in a December 19 MySpace blog post, Dani is becoming famous.

Tequila wrote in her blog December 19 that she didn’t select Campbell because she respected her too much and wanted to keep her as a friend. Nearly a week later on the “Shot at Love” after show, Tequila explained that she didn’t select Campbell because she didn’t want to disrupt her life, which is pretty set and stable.

But, Campbell was in New York City for Tequila’s 2008 masquerade ball. It is unknown if Campbell is soothing Tequila’s broken heart…especially now that she’s showing that she can not only keep up with Tequila’s “crazy lifestyle,” but also compete.
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