Sunday, November 04, 2007

Bi Girl Friday makes it onto the Christian network

Happy Sunday! Yours truly is being passed around by the right-wing…I feel so clean and holy or is that dirty and devilish now?

Needless to say, through a posting that was sent to me with the link below and an e-mail I received directly from the Family Policy Network it seems like the right-wing and I are having a little fun at the moment. They think I’m spreading their good word to the “homosexual” community so we can be “cured” into a straight or celibate life rather than exposing their hate mongering delusional twisted ways.

The benefits of this cross-over is, I hope somehow some questioning Catholic or Christian queer person will find some enlightenment by being linked to our friendly and smart LGBT paper in the Gay Mecca.

Thank you Family Policy Network for getting my article out to your constituents!

SAN FRANCISCO’S PRO-HOMOSEXUAL WEEKLY: FPN’s Hope Banner Flies Over Sinful Celebration

The following are excerpts from an October 4, 2007 article appearing in the Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco’s weekly, pro-homosexual newspaper.

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