Monday, July 16, 2007

Biphobia punk rock style

In a completely offensive and ignorant rant,
Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto launched a biphobic attack against Angelina Jolie.

Tittle-Tattle™: Dishing Hollywood Dirt Daily reported the biphobic spewing in an article, “
Beth Ditto Blasts Angelina Jolie, Not 'Bisexual' Enough,” on July 5. In the article Ditto, 26, a self-described "fat, feminist lesbian from Arkansas," according to CNN, allegedly states that she’s “unconvinced by Angelina's same sex boasts” pointing to the fact that Jolie, 32, started a family with Brad Pitt. No self-respecting bi woman would adopt and give birth to children with Pitt. It’s so shameful! Please sweetie, she could have done worse.

In the same article, Ditto is quoted “fuming,” "If she were a lesbian, or had lesbian tendencies, she'd be with a woman not a man."

Hmmm…if she were a lesbian…I almost feel a punk rock tune of the bi persuasion coming on. That’s the point. Jolie is not a lesbian. She has been very publicly open about being bisexual, but for those skeptics I guess they will have to hear it from the ex-lesbian lover’s lips or pen.

Former Calvin Klein model and Jolie’s Fox Fire co-star Jenny Shimizu, 39, was reported in January in
Tittle-Tattle Too that a tell-all-book is in the works. And according to the article, Jolie wasn’t the only bi celeb rolling around under the covers or wherever with Shimizu. The article quoted Shimizu stating that she was Madonna’s on-call “sex slave.” This girl gets around.

Will this be proof enough of Jolie’s Sapphic ways for you Ditto?

Ditto did not respond to a request to speak with her about her biphibic comments.

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Felix said...

wow, thanks for sharing this! What, Jolie lost her "bi street cred" for starting a family? Pul-lease! I love The Gossip but Beth's biphobia is gonna make me think twice before I spend my hard-earned cash buying their records again.