Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bi Films Needed for the International GLBT Film Festival

Hi, friends,
A few months ago, I spoke with the folks at Frameline about the possibility of curating a show at the 2007 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival! The show would feature a bi film or films. So... I'm on the look-out! If you are or know of a bi filmmaker, please let me know.

They do not have to be making films with a bi theme. Also, if you have seen a bi film that you
think would fit my wish list (below), please let me know that too. Thanks so much! I can't wait to hear from you.


Amy :)

Bi Film wish list:

  • No biphobic content, or at least none that goes unchallenged or unexamined bi _characters_, not stereotypes (ie., cheater, liar, bad guy, confused, indecisive, commitment-phobic, heart-breaker, traitor to LGBT community, etc.);
  • Bisexuality is not used as a plot device (ie., the bisexual character cheats on someone of one gender with someone of another gender; the bisexual character breaks hearts or is villainous, bisexuality is the cause of conflict in the film for the characters who are not bisexual); and/or
  • Bisexuality is portrayed in a respectful manner, as a normal (not necessarily normative), celebratory (not just tolerated) sexual identity.
P.S. For more on the history of my dialogue with Frameline about bi representation in film, please visit:

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