Thursday, October 04, 2007

This week's Bay Area Reporter is on newstands!

This week in the Bay Area Reporter I reported on the forthcoming article about controversial sex researcher J. Michael Bailey: “Controversy dogs sexuality researcher”; I followed up on Good Vibes good news: “Good Vibrations announces merger”; I followed up on the right-wing’s attacks on Folosom Street Fair’s ‘San Francisco Values’: “Right-wing groups continue attacks on Folsom Street Fair”; I announced CUAV directors appointment to California’s domestic violence advisory council: “CUAV director named to state advisory council,”; I announced New Leaf’s forthcoming executive director: “New dir. for New Leaf,”; I covered the opening of the nation’s first justice system supported center for women ex-offenders: “Sheriff opens center for women ex-offenders,” and I reported LYRIC’s new grant from San Francisco’s Children and Family Services: “News in brief: LYRIC receives $200,000 grant.”

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