Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Center for Sex and Culture Community Survey

This is a survey put together by Nikole Pagan and her colleagues at SF State, who is using CSC as a class project in non-profit administration, and this is part of that large project. From it, we will get a case statement for our use in fundraising and other public representation, which should be very valuable to us. Your thoughts about CSC will be useful as she develops it.

Please try to get this to her this week if you are able. As of next week she will be trying to pull elements together, so she will still find it useful to receive, but sooner is better for her.

Thank you! And stay tuned for more CSC news and events calendar soon. xox--CQ

The Center for Sex and Culture treasures the community of people who attend our events and utilize our programming and services. Your support makes our mission possible. We would like to gather stories for inclusion with fund raising materials that talk about the events and services we are providing to/for you, our community. This will help us be a more effective voice for Sex-Positivism in our community and beyond. In capturing your stories and suggestions, we will also be able to better honor you and your contributions, record and learn from our 13-year-old history, and plan more wisely for the future. We don’t want this to feel cumbersome for you, so please just answer the questions below that resonate with you and return your responses by email to Your answers mean a lot to us. Feel free to write as little or as much as you like. ________________________________________________________________

1. Your name and phone/email (please indicate how you wish to be credited if your responses are included in published materials, i.e.: first name only, first and last initial, etc.):
2. What city do you live in?
3. Have you utilized CSC library materials? If yes, for what purpose?
4. Have you donated money or volunteer time to CSC?
5. Have you participated in any of the following at CSC ? (please indicate yes or no):
· Special Events:
· Classes:
· Workshops:
· The Masturbate-a-Thon:
· Cultural Events:
· House Parties:
6. Please indicate the titles of any of the above you have attended.
7. What does “Sex Positive” mean to you?
8. When did you first learn about CSC?
9. Why do you participate in CSC events/programs/services?
10. Do you have a special moment you remember about your experiences with CSC?
11. Is there a “back in the day” story about CSC, Robert or Carol, or some Sex Positive sex education/activism issue/organization that has always stuck with you?
12. Is there any other story that you’d like to tell?
13. Please tell us a little of your autobiography.
14. Do you have any suggestions for CSC?

Thank you so much for your thoughts, commitment to The Center for Sex and Culture, talents and precious time. We value your voice and contribution. Please email your responses to

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