Sunday, February 11, 2007

Request for Participants:

Research study about same-sex women relationships

You are invited to participate in a University of Rhode Island research study to explore the effects of closeness in relationships between women romantically involved with other women. The information gained through this research will be used to better understand how women relate in romantic relationships and how they define, view and experience closeness in their relationships. Your participation in this study is completely voluntary, confidential and anonymous. In order to participate, you must be:1) at least 18 years old, 2) English speaking, and 3) a woman (in terms of gender or biological sex) 4) in a monogamous, romantic relationship with another woman. This study is not concerned with the way you may identify in terms of your sexual orientation. Therefore, you may identify as lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual, or any other term you choose. It is only important that you are currently involved in a monogamous, romantic relationship with another woman and have been for at least the past year.
Just click the below link and you'll be directed right to the survey:

I am a clinical psychology doctoral student at the University of Rhode Island currently collecting online data on closeness in female couples who have been together for at least one year. Could you please post the below request for participants to any university and/ or women's list-serves to which you may have access? Thank you, in advance for your help in completing my goal of at least 200 participants by March, 2007.For questions, please contact Cassandra at:, not the one posting this for her.

Thank you in advance for your help and please forward this invitation to others who may either meet the criteria or know people who would.

Please complete this survey by February 20th, 2007. Thank you!

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